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November 11, 2012


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THAT'S IT GUYS~! The places have all been filled in and the chorus is now underway~

I have finally located the video and off-vocal for the chorus thanks to spiritghost so I can finally get everything ready to be started on~ I'm waiting on at least 1 concept art left and I'm still finishing off some for a few people to help out~ So everyone take your time~! 8D This one's on me~ //slapped

But no seriously, thank all you guys for taking part - I never expected to have the chorus more or less filled within a day of announcing it. You guys rock~

Also! I'm glad to see both old and new faces in this little crowd! 8D It'll be interesting to work with these new UTAUloids and to develop my skills at using previous ones~


I was gonna do a simple 67 UTAU Chorus for my friends as a gift in December - but when I asked someone what songs they wanted for their UTAUloids, I got three songs that weren't in the original 67... And then I found there was a 69 chorus - and all three of the songs were listed.
So then I thought to myself "Is this a challenge...?"


It might help me get out of my slump too~ eue;;

Also if you guys didn't know - I did the 67 UTAU Chorus version in the past and you can view it right here!

And if you guys wanna see what the 69 UTAU Chorus is like you can view it right here!

:bulletblue: I can accept up to THREE UTAUloids. But ONLY three from one person.
:bulletpink: Please don't use the same UTAU twice to sing two songs. Leave some for other people who want to join in too!
:bulletblack: If a part is already taken that you wanted, please don't feel discouraged! Try for something else~
:bulletpink: If you're UTAUloid's Voicebank is Private - please feel free to render the part yourself and send it in place of the bank.
(However Appends count as the same UTAU whereas Pitch bends will be treated as separate UTAUloids.)
:bulletblack: If there are any spaces that are not filled in, I may fill them in with either my own UTAUloids or VIPPERloids.
:bulletblue: Please either comment on this journal or Note me with the following:

Name of UTAUloid: (Your UTAUloids Name)
Voicebank: (If I have it, please just say so, and please state whether it's VCV or CV as I don't have a lot of Experience with VCV -- YET.)
Concept: (What your UTAU looks like. Please try to send in a concept art with a transparent background or I can try my best to do it for you.)
Song: The title of the song you want your UTAUloid to cover.

And that's about it! c:
So if you see a part in this that you'd like to fill in, please feel free to do so!
I'll try my best to use your UTAU to the best of my ability and hope to hear from you guys soon~!

- N/A - No UTAUloid has taken this spot.
- [Reserved] - This spot is reserved for an UTAU.
- Madeupsong - Masami Akane - :icondarkbox-v2k: - This spot has been taken.

- - - -

1. I Want to See You / Aitai - Sonia Melody - :iconyen-mi:
2. A Thousand-Year Solo - JASE Zhenen - :iconstre-chan: (Flags: g20bre+30x10H30Y00)
3. Silver Bullet - Haruko Ryone - :iconoppa-ruchiruru:
4. Shotgun Lovers - Mizuoto Kiaru - :iconlunamageice:
5. Eh, Ah, Yes - Masami Akane (ACT 0.1) - :icondarkbox-v2k:
6. Melody - Mizube Wani - :iconyuki-kain:
7. Dear - Kyashakoe Chinji - :iconsnow-songstress:
8. Enclosure - Yuane Nedan - :iconmyverti0n:
9. VOCloid in Love - ZTere - :icontaffytoots:
10. UNBALANCE - Millffeulle Miawatagene - :iconakiramarina:
11. Dystopia Zipangu - RX2-NOE - :icontheoriginalemoemu1: (Flags  y100g-2)
12. Rotten Heresy and Chocolate - Hiro Shishiza - :iconhiroshishiza:
13. Pair of Wintry Winds - Kotone NIKPOID - :iconviolac:
14. Future Horizon -  Lovetta Tanoshiine - :iconrokudessa:
15. Jitter Doll - Sakura Midori - :iconakemisam: (Resampler: TIPS)
16. From Y to Y - Waltt - :iconutakoloid:
17. Even Though My Song has No Form - Kagemori Mikai - :iconmithril-x: (Freesampler with the flags Y0H10B0boF0)
18. Celluloid - Orenji Akimori - :iconkotoluka:
19. Letter Song - ML - :icontaffytoots:
20. Cherry Blossom Rain - Makine Kawari 2S - :iconmildron:
21. Hello, How Are You - Yuki Akine - :iconkouhai-merman:
22. Puppet Pierrot - NEKO - :iconkawaiimanaphy:
23. Strobe Last - Note (SOFT append BETA) - :iconnekopunchy:
24. Cyber Thunder Cider - Ryosuke Sasayaku (Strong) - :iconmaxychu:
25. Time Limit - Akine Hiroko - :iconspiritghost:
26. Life Cheating Game - Onen - :iconfire-sparrow:
27. Packaged - Sohiro Tsuneku - :iconsarah8888:
28. Convenience Store - Yumi Yuune - :iconyumiiro:
29. Popipo - Sahira Tsuneku - :iconsarah8888:
30. Invisible - Reinon Risa - :iconspiritghost:
31.Two-Dimensional Dream Fever - NARA - :iconapatheticflighter:
32. An Unstable Girl - Ai Ikeda - :iconaxxifi:
33. Time Machine - Yume Utao - :iconskychii:
34. Imagination Forest - Mira Tsutsuma - :iconstre-chan:
35. Perfect Crime - Maxy Sasayaku (ACT 2) - :iconmaxychu:
36. A Moment's Trip - Wakana Suzuki - :iconlklkjo:
37. RIP=RELEASE - Dave Melankolisk - :iconreii90forever:
38. Around the World - Sho Sakurai - :iconkuuderella:
39. Daybreak - Mister Mysterium - :iconakiramarina:
40. Tiger Rampage - Torako Tsuki - :iconyuki-kain:
41. What Do You Mean! - Rina Inochine - :iconkotoluka:
42. Madara Cult - Iwate Mizazuki - :iconvocaloid105:
43. Cantarella - Kyoune Kuroi - :iconkyou-kou:
44. Calc - Andrew Saw - :iconbloodyangel971:
45. Snowflake - Pengu Penginoid (Adolescence)- :icondarkbox-v2k:
46. Heaven's Music - Duyen - :iconrokudessa:
47. Rollin' Girl - Kyra Sasayaku (Sweet) - :iconmaxychu:
48. Online Game Addicts Sprechchor - Bou (ACT2) - :iconnekopunchy:
49. Panda Hero - Zero Shinohara - :iconskaarsgaurd:
50. A tale of Six Trillion Years and a Night - Mino Shinya - :iconhandbeer:
51. A Red Leaf - Yuko Ikezawa - :iconakiramarina:
52. ACUTE - Ami Ichigawa - :iconyen-mi:
53. BadBye - Libitina Ameretat - :iconkaylee162:
54. Black Board - Hyouko Riuta - :iconwarriorgriffinheart:
55. Butterfly on Your Right Shoulder - Sekaiki Mugen - :iconphones-p:
56. Chloe - Mirakuru Mirakuroid - :iconthemirakuloidproject:
57. Heart - Kuroi Karasu - :iconstormilove:
58. Paranoia - Pururu - :iconplu2020:
59. The Earth's Final Confession - Hekine Chinji - :iconsnow-songstress:
60. Mozaik Role -  Yuki Nedan - :iconmyverti0n:
61. I'll Make Everyone Into Miku - Rei Yamada - :iconyumiiro:
62. The Endless Score - Yamato Suzuki - :iconlklkjo:
63. The Disappearance of Hatsune Miku - Ayume Maruko - :iconwizardotaku:
64. Heat-Haze Days - StarChune (Vivid Append) - :iconstarchu14:
65. Black Rock Shooter - Shey MaE - :iconxxxevenxxx:
66. Double Larait - Emi Natsume - :iconhikaru-komoyaka:
67. Melt - 0x0 - :icontaffytoots: (Flag g10)
68. Hello Planet - Rye Kuna - :iconzero09ike:
69. Thousand Cherry Blossoms - Yunami Nedan - :iconmyverti0n:
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IIMikuruII Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Name: Takebi Jinsei
VB: it's CV (act 2) <…
or her append <…
Concept:… (credit poraru c:)
Song: Any song that will fit her voice ~
Giutli Featured By Owner Apr 8, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Wow so I decided to see where this had gone and I see you got rid of the two utau places I asked for?? It's not that big of a deal but seriously rude
Reii90Forever Featured By Owner Nov 24, 2012  Student Digital Artist
Just watched the video, good job! you did grate xxx
DarkBox-V2K Featured By Owner Nov 24, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you, I'm glad you liked it~ :aww:
kyou-kou Featured By Owner Nov 21, 2012
Lol seems my husbando is lazy with the digital artwork >:U
i have Kuroi Karasu's concept art i made for her in traditional, i'll remind her to do the digital if you like c;

[link] it's a little iffy because i wasn't thinking when i drew her ._.'
DarkBox-V2K Featured By Owner Nov 21, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Aaw, it's okay! c: I know people get busy so I wasn't rushing anyone.
Oh, no, no Traditional is fine! c: I can easily remove the white space and turn it transparent for you guys~

I think it looks great! c: Better than what I managed to do~
kyou-kou Featured By Owner Nov 21, 2012
why thank you~~ c; yeah sorry for a mess >.<
DarkBox-V2K Featured By Owner Nov 21, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Oh no, don't apologize~! <3 I'm already finished and uploading the final video! c:
kyou-kou Featured By Owner Nov 21, 2012
oh gosh >w<
DarkBox-V2K Featured By Owner Nov 21, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
I just sent you a note a couple of minutes ago with the link to the video. 8D
I hope it sounds alright.
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